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Important Re-Opening Information and Changes

Drop offs & pick-ups:
We ask that children be dropped off and picked up by their parent in the vestibule of the center. Using this centralized drop-off and pick-up location will help to eliminate unnecessary traffic to classrooms and exposure of children. Parents and custodial adults must wear cloth face coverings or masks during pick-up and drop-off. 

While your child is being signed in at drop off we will screen them and do a temp check at the centralized drop-off location as an extra step to help prevent exposure.  The new regulations state a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a fever.

Once the child is screened, then he or she is free to be taken to the classroom by a staff member. J Parents are encouraged to follow the procedures put into place for drop-off and pick-up.  However, a parent may escort a child to the classroom if there are exigent circumstances.

Your child and their things will be brought to you at pick up.

Unfortunately, if a parent or guardian does not want to follow the procedures put in place by our program, then they will not be able to utilize St. Cecilia’s Early Childhood Learning Center. So please remember proper social distancing, your mask and your patience! J

Group sizes:
We will have a maximum group size of ten children per classroom. Ratios for children under the age of twenty-four months will still be in place, so those classrooms will need to have two adults present if caring for the maximum classroom size of ten children. Children will remain in the same group of ten children all day without being combined with another classroom. The same staff members will work with the same children each day in order to reduce additional exposure.

We will ensure that staff members/employees and children practice proper hand hygiene frequently. For example, staff members and children will wash or sanitize their hands in the following circumstances: upon arrival for the day, after breaks, upon returning from outside, after toileting or assisting a child with toileting, after each diaper change or pull-up change, after contact with bodily fluids or cleaning up spills or objects contaminated with bodily fluids, after cleaning or sanitizing or using any chemical products, before eating, serving or preparing food or bottles or feeding a child, before and after completing a medical procedure or administering medication, when visibly soiled (must use soap and water), and prior to departure. Staff will assist children with hand hygiene. J

Cleaning and Disinfecting:
Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will not be used. Toys that children have placed in their mouths or that are otherwise contaminated will be set aside until they are cleaned by hand by a person wearing gloves. Machine washable cloth toys will not be used at this time.

Children’s books, like other paper-based materials, are not considered a high risk for transmission and will not need additional cleaning or disinfection procedures. Plastic infant and toddler books will be cleaned and sanitized as the material allows.

There will be frequent cleaning and sanitation of touched surfaces (door knobs, light switches…) with appropriate disinfectants, in accordance with appropriate Kentucky childcare standards. A cleaning and sanitizing plan specific to our program will be posted that describes how additional cleaning and sanitizing will be implemented in the childcare program.

Our restrooms will not be available for parents to use. Children will of course use the restroom as needed and proper cleaning and disinfecting will take place.

For the time being we will discontinue the use of daily papers in our younger classrooms. To the greatest extent possible all communications will happen through phone calls and email. We will also discontinue the use of water fountains. We ask that children bring their own water bottles.

All adults (staff, parents…) must wear a face mask while inside the childcare program unless doing so would represent a serious risk to their health or safety or they are more than 6 feet away from any other individual. Parents and custodial adults must bring and use their own face mask.

Children who are five (5) years of age or under should not wear masks due to increased risks of suffocation and strangulation. Wearing a mask is for the benefit of those around you so that you do not potentially spread the virus while asymptomatic.  It will not keep a young child from receiving the germs of others.  While a young child is in a group setting with other children, the mask is a significant risk to suffocation and strangulation, even if the mask were simply to pull on a book shelf while the child walks past. Plus, young children will touch the mask so frequently and take if off so often that it will not benefit them.  

If a fever is present:
When a child shows a fever or other contagious symptoms, he/she will be removed from the classroom immediately and placed in a supervised, safe, secluded area. The parent or guardian will be called and must pick up the child within one hour.

Fluid situation:
There is not a set date when the enhanced health and safety requirements will be lifted.  It will depend on the decrease in spread of the Coronavirus 19 and when the Governor and his leadership team see a decreased risk to young children and families. 


****Please be aware that anyone including parents, custodial adults and staff will not be able to enter the facility if they refuse to adhere to the facility’s policy to adhere to CDC guidelines.

Please see the link below for the complete list of Kentucky childcare requirements.