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St. Cecilia Catholic School

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Board of Total Catholic Education (BOTCE)

 Mission Statement of The Board of Total Catholic Education

The Board of Total Catholic Education of St. Cecilia Roman Catholic School is an advisory body that has been delegated the responsibility for the determination and evaluation of all policies regarding the total education program of St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church. The Board is a separate entity that serves as an advisory council to the Pastor. All policies are subject to ratification by the Pastor. The Board represents all areas of education, including preschool, elementary (grades Kindergarten through 8), CCD, and adult education at St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church. For those wishing to have topics added to the agenda, they should contact Karen Schultz:

Executive Members:
Principal: Kenny Collopy:
Pastor: Fr. Mario Tizziani:
President: Karen Schultz: (Term ending 6/2021)
Vice President: Maria Hunseder (Term ending 6/2021)
Secretary: Open

At Large:
Troy Cherry: (Term ending 6/2021)
David Kramer: (Term ending 6/2022)
Alica Heller: (Term ending 6/2022)
Jenni Spenlau: (Term ending 6/2022)
Jeremy Meyer : (Term ending 6/2023)
Andi Henry: (Term ending 6/2023)
Kristy Pommier: (Term ending 6/2023)

Teacher Representatives: 
Meghan Whelan:  (Annual Term)
Kathy Wuestefeld:  (Annual Term)

Committee Chairs:
Fr. Mario Tizziani- CCD Coordinator
Fr. Mario Tizziani- RCIA Coordinator
Amanda Wallace- SCPTO Incoming President: (1 yr term)
Brad Saalfeld-Sports Committee President: (Annual Term)


BOTCE Bylaws