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St. Cecilia Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and of National Distinction

Staff Member Directory


  Mrs. Jeanetta Kathman, Principal [email protected]



Mrs. René Jent, Secretary [email protected]



Mrs. Kathy Landgren, Receptionist [email protected]



Mrs. Valerie Whisman, Kindergarten Teacher, [email protected]




Mrs. Jennifer Parnitzke, Kindergarten Teacher, [email protected]




Mrs. Meghan Whelan, 1st Grade Teacher, [email protected]


  Ms. Shannon Herold, 1st Grade Teacher, [email protected]


Mrs. Karen Bunton, 2nd Grade Teacher, [email protected]



  Ms. Hannah Federmann, 2nd Grade Teacher, [email protected]



Mrs. Megan McElfresh, 3rd Grade Teacher, [email protected]


  Mrs. Robyn Ryan, 3rd Grade Teacher, [email protected]



Mrs. Stephanie Zappa, 4th Grade Teacher, [email protected]



  Mrs. Mindy Fry, 5th Grade Teacher, [email protected]



Mrs. Kathleen Wuestefeld, 5th Grade Teacher, [email protected]



Mrs. Barb Mackison, 6th Grade Homeroom, [email protected]


  Mrs. Ashley Mitchell, 8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Math [email protected]


  Mr. Devin Heffernan, 7A Homeroom, Middle School Religion, [email protected]


  Mr. Chris Kennedy, 7B Homeroom, Middle School Social Studies [email protected]


  Mr. Tim Mains, Middle School Science, [email protected]



Ms. Barb Sumpter, Director of Academic Enhancement, [email protected]



Mrs. Heather Alden-Eilerman, Middle School Computer Lab/Media Lab, [email protected]


Ms. Luann Kohl, Art/ Elementary Computer Lab/Media Lab, STEAM, [email protected]


Mrs. Molly Gavin, Spanish Teacher, [email protected]


  Mrs. Andrea Flora, PE/Heath Teacher, [email protected]


  Rebecca Wells, Music, [email protected]


Mrs. Karen Lipscomb, Instructional Aide, VIRTUS Coordinator, [email protected]




Mrs. Kim Murphy, Director Early Childhood Learning Center [email protected]


Mrs. Nicole Mangan, Preschool Teacher, Early Childhood Learning Center [email protected]



  Mrs. Mary Younger, Preschool Teacher, Early Childhood Learning Center [email protected]


  Mr. Jason Voight, School Counselor, [email protected]




Mrs. Angie Ellison, Reading Specialist, [email protected]



  Cafeteria Manager, (859) 363-4314 

Mr. Todd Kleier, Cafeteria, [email protected]


Mr. Bill Schmiade, Maintenance and Grounds Director, [email protected]



**Early Childhood Learning Center Staff can be found on their webpage at: ECLC


St. Cecilia Catholic Church Staff - Office Number (859) 363-4311  Fax Number (859) 363-4312


  Rev. Harry Settle, Pastor, St. Cecilia Parish, [email protected] 


  Mrs. Kristen Brann, Church Secretary, St. Cecilia Parish, [email protected]



Mrs. Diana Brettl, Parish and School Business Manager, [email protected]