School Crest

St. Cecilia Catholic School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and of National Distinction

ECLC Staff Members


Mrs. Kim Murphy, ECLC Director [email protected]


Mrs. Nicole Mangan, ECLC Preschool Teacher [email protected]


Mrs. Judy Dornbush, ECLC Preschool Aide [email protected]


Ms. Kirsten Hornback, ECLC 1yr old Lead Classroom Teacher [email protected]


Ms. LeeAnn Garcia, ECLC 1yr old Classroom Aide [email protected]


Ms. Toshia Todd, ECLC 2yr old Lead Classroom Teacher [email protected]


Ms. Brittney Britton, ECLC 2yr old Classroom Aide [email protected]


Mrs. Diana Walker, ECLC Lead 3 & 4yr old Classroom Teacher [email protected]


Mrs. Theresa Donnellon, ECLC Aide [email protected]


Ms. Cindy Magee, ECLC Aide [email protected]


Mrs. Brenda McCracken, ECLC Aide [email protected]


Mrs. Donna Wight, ECLC Aide [email protected]


Ms. LeeAnn Kohl, ECLC Aide and Aftercare [email protected]


Ms. Emily Bergman, ECLC Aftercare [email protected]


Ms. Audrey Davis, ECLC Aftercare [email protected]


Ms. Isabella Young, ECLC Aftercare [email protected]